New website, first post!

I’ve pretty much always enjoyed stories that had some element of “other-worldliness” to them. One early memory is of A Wrinkle in Time in fifth grade, a book I still read now and then. The attraction isn’t specifically to science fiction or fantasy though I’ve enjoyed both. It’s just, something more, where the extraordinary elements bring out the humanity of the characters. What can we discover about ourselves when the usual rules don’t apply?

I’d heard many times that if you don’t see the story you want to read, write it yourself. What I wanted was a love story (with some depth) about an adult woman in a world that felt as normal as possible despite the presence of supernatural beings. I’m sure there are other books that fit the description, but it was time to get serious about writing anyway. The result was Leap First.

The characters led the way, and I was allowed access to most of what occurred. I say most because there were times when I was sort of left in the dark. Some bits I simply couldn’t edit out, only to find later that they had relevance in Another Glance.

Not everyone will like my style. That’s expected. Opinions, discussion, and questions are all welcome. This is meant to be a positive space, though, and so I ask visitors to play nice. Personal attacks toward anyone will be deleted.

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Most of all, I hope you enjoy my work.


©2017 Mari Elise Rei. All rights reserved.

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