Story Locations – Part 1

I thought it might be fun to share some photos of locations used in Leap First.

These first two set an early scene: Dana rides a bus to the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and M Street in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., on her way to meet her sister at a local pub. This is the intersection. It’s busy, commercial, and has some great architecture. The view faces north on Wisconsin Ave.


This view of the same intersection faces west down M Street, which is known for high-end shops, restaurants, and bars; it bustles day and night.


The inspiration for Sam’s Pub, where Dana and Gregory meet, comes from Clyde’s. It’s a really nice place though somewhat different inside from what I wrote. The Clyde’s entrance:


And the bar area:


The next photo used to be on the Clyde’s website, (saved for inspirational purposes), and shows the booths and bar. (No infringement intended. Will remove if requested by management.)


What I didn’t realize from this photo alone was the sports slant. Those are small sculptures of athletic poses in the wall cutouts. Didn’t realize that until I visited in person. Not that it matters.

More to come.

Thanks to family members who took some of these photos (can’t remember which are whose at this point; I think my niece took the intersection ones).

Except where noted, all photos © 2018 Mari Elise Rei and family.

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