Story Locations – Part 2

Here are a few more photos from locations used in Leap First. The first is the outdoor area of a Georgetown cafe, similar to one where Dana and her sister Marta meet.


The following images are of Waterfront Park on the Potomac River, a location used in multiple book scenes. First, the steps where visitors can get right up close to the water. In the distance, for anyone who might not know, the flat, white building is the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; to its left is part of the Watergate complex.


This is the fountain at the entrance to the park. The view looks north toward the end of Wisconsin Avenue. The steps and the river are behind the camera.


A little one having fun. Not at all story related; just cute.


The next one is a shot of the promenade, where Dana and Gregory walked on occasion. That’s the Key Bridge behind the trees.


Here’s the labyrinth, a space to contemplate as you walk its winding path. (And a better view of the bridge.)


Again, not sure which are whose. I think my sister took some of these. More another time.

(All photos © 2018 Mari Elise Rei and family)


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