Story Locations – Part 3 – and a Special Offer

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OK, next in the series of location photos: the C&O Canal Towpath, a favorite walking spot for leading lady Dana Creedy.

Close to commercial areas, the view isn’t spectacular.


However, it doesn’t take long to improve.


There are various access points to the towpath; this one’s right in town. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what street this is. I believe it’s near Georgetown University, but don’t quote me.


This is Lock 6, a few miles along the path. It’s representative of where I imagined Dana (and Gregory) walking.


Same spot in the opposite direction. Lots of algae covering the water!


A view of Lockhouse 6. Apparently, you can stay there or in other lockhouses!


We discovered a small path through the trees, leading to an arm of the Potomac that diverts around a small island. We were fortunate to see these rowers.


Such a lovely area!

(All photos © 2018 Mari Elise Rei and Family)

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