Shameless Promotion

One reality of being an indie author is that self-promotion is part of the package, no matter how odd it might feel. We need views and reviews to keep things rolling. You may have heard the saying: Feed an author; leave a review!

An aside: Last night I watched The Man Who Invented Christmas, and apparently, Charles Dickens self-published A Christmas Carol! There’s a tradition! (Some info here.)

Anyway, I’m new to the promotion thing, tending more toward the hermit than the social butterfly, but I’ve been having some fun the last couple of days creating banners, wanting to stay in a space of creation in the process.

While these are already on my Twitter and Facebook pages, I thought I’d share here, cross-posting and all, to give a little taste of content beyond the Excerpts page here on my site. (Told you it was shameless!) I’m also putting them all here at once because this isn’t Twitter or Facebook.

abstract-background-watercolor banner 1

The book is available on Amazon: in both Kindle and Print, or if you have Prime, you can read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited! (Really, go ahead.)

Fire background banner1

Most of the above quote is from the back cover. The full description is on the Amazon page and on my Books page.

grunge-frame-drawing banner 1

So there it is, my shameless self-promotion for the day.

P.S. All materials Copyright 2018 by Mari Elise Rei


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