A Close Encounter with Scottish Sheep

In a previous post, I wrote about my great attraction to Scotland and my one trip there, years ago. I also mentioned visiting Culloden Battlefield, which was an emotional experience. Mostly.

As we walked around the site, I noticed sheep grazing freely out in the fields. They were just kind of there, doing their thing, and didn’t seem bothered by humans nearby. At one point, my sister and niece got well ahead of me as I paused to take photos of clan grave markers. It was a cold, blustery day, sprinkling at times; no reason for them to wait.

Continuing on the path, I soon looked up to see them facing me and laughing hysterically. There was still some distance between us, so I had no clue why until they pointed behind me. Turning back, I discovered a line of sheep following me.

My sister had her camera out by then (this was before smart phones), and though I have always intensely disliked having my picture taken, I couldn’t object this time. It was too odd.


I stopped and the sheep stopped, watching me. I continued on the path, and they continued after me.


I stopped again and took my own photo. (Or, this might have been earlier. There were a couple of stops and starts. I don’t quite remember the order.)


I could say that I have a natural way with animals, but it must have been a case of mistaken identity since I clearly wasn’t whoever they thought I was. They seemed a little confused by then — why does she keep stopping?! — and soon turned back for their grazing field. It was a strange encounter but a surprisingly lighthearted moment (well, maybe not so much for the sheep) during a fairly sober outing. Something unexpected and memorable.

All photos © 2018 by Mari Elise Rei and family.

5 thoughts on “A Close Encounter with Scottish Sheep

  1. I spent the past six years trekking Latin America (Mexico, Cuba, Central America and South America). I returned to the Northern Hemisphere in November 2017: Iceland, Ireland (both South & North) and Scotland. Scotland was fantastic. I am now in England and will be heading to Wales in another 10 days before crossing to the Continent. Hopefully, I will eventually make it back to Asia before keeling over with old age. I liked the sheep too.


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