I haven’t posted anything in over a month — how time flies amid life requirements and questioning the value of what you thought was your passion.

I’ve been writing for a very long time but, as stated elsewhere, never did anything with it until recently. Fear, don’t you know. Once out there, self-promotion became a necessary component that added another layer of discomfort.

Worrying what others think is a common struggle. I’ve dropped a lot of it personally, but when trying to promote your work, something creative that you’ve poured yourself into over a long period of time, well, it moves rather front and center again. Will people notice, will they like what I’ve done, is what I have to share really worth sharing? Nothing new. And then there’s social media — a thing I skipped altogether, previously — where your popularity level is out there for everyone to see. And I sure ain’t at this point! Some people appear to follow others indiscriminately to gain return numbers. Right or wrong, I haven’t done that. It overwhelms me as it is: too much outside input; too much worry about what others think.

The bigger issue is that I let it affect the part I so enjoy, even when it’s difficult: writing and polishing a story. I’m used to the ups and downs of creativity and generally trust that interest will revive after an off period. This felt different. I deeply questioned any involvement and ended up dropping out. Barely looked at my work-in-progress. Stopped posting anywhere. Other life matters took over as well, and I just kept pushing it away. Result: unhappy camper.

I recently got back to the real work, though, and it felt wonderful, like being home again. (A pep talk from a family member helped a lot; thank you.) That’s the good stuff, and it’s where most of my attention belongs. Not that I expect promotion to take care of itself, but spending my energy in worry isn’t the answer. Have yet to discover what that is, for me. It’ll come.

Anyway, break over, interest rejuvenated… onward.

2 thoughts on “Rejuvenation

  1. bakermac

    And sometimes breaks are just the thing you need to get the juices flowing again. A vacation, if you will, for your brain and creativity. No shame in that. 😉


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