About Mari

I began writing at age 15, romantic stories that were an escape from teenage life. Journals, more stories, and even a fan-fiction or two followed, but I never did anything with any of it.

I finally got serious in 2008 for a few reasons. I received a laptop as a gift, which made it easier to write since it was portable; I read a few genre books and didn’t see what I wanted, so I decided to write my own; and I participated in National Novel Writing Month (also known as NaNoWriMo), which stopped my habit of endless editing before I could even finish a story. Of course, it didn’t stop endless editing after finishing the story!

Various life elements stretched the process even further, so here I am, publishing at last in 2017 — it’s never too late! During those editing years, two other books came into being through NaNoWriMo and are currently in progress: details on the Books page.

Other creative interests, in which I mostly dabble, include knitting and cross stitch. I still want to take piano lessons (my mother was right; I regret giving it up when I was a kid), and I very much want to get back to photography, which I haven’t done in ages. There are only so many hours, though, and writing receives the most attention.

Work-writing over time has included knowledge-base articles for bookkeeping software, e-mail technical support for said software, and also writing copy for other people’s websites, including everything from construction contractors to a couple of fan sites. Each iteration was attractive in the short term but got old pretty quickly. Writing novels is on another planet from all of that. It is Joy, along with scary and lots of work. I love it.

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