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Many people hope to find true love, the one person who fits, who understands and accepts unconditionally. Dana and Gregory have that hope, but so far, it’s only hope.

Feeling out of place, and time, doesn’t help. Gregory is an old-fashioned gentleman, enamored with the past and its chivalrous ways. He comes by the interest naturally, having lived much longer than his appearance suggests. Dana, a historical researcher, has similar sensibilities. She laments the coarseness of modern life and finds herself longing for “better” days and more gallant men.

They seem destined to meet. Yet sometimes, finding that right one means looking beyond the familiar, beyond what you believe is possible… and maybe even taking a leap without looking. Dana and Gregory are about to take that leap.

The attraction between them is immediate, and their relationship develops quickly and passionately. But when Gregory begins disappearing at odd hours and avoiding explanations, Dana can only shrug it off for so long. She needs to know the reason for his strange behavior, no matter where it leads. Gregory’s secrecy is, in part, about protecting Dana from a world of family troubles–from things that could truly harm her. Still, withholding the truth about himself is a considerable risk. Dana is, ultimately, a woman of her times, not his. She’s not simply going to do as she’s told.

The connection between these two runs deep, even beyond their present understanding. But is it deep enough to survive the truth behind Gregory’s secret, a revelation too staggering to believe?

Leap First is a paranormal tale that follows the unexpected and winding road it sometimes takes to find true love. Another Glance continues the journey.

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Another Glance

Coming Soon

This follow-up to Leap First continues the love story between Dana and Gregory, exploring new facets of their unique connection.

Spoilers! (Opens a new page)

Another Glance brings further intrigue to Dana and Gregory’s romance along with a resolution that neither one could possibly anticipate.


Stand Alone Books:

Exit Points

Coming Later

Lizzie Duncan has an unusual gift. She sees people’s spirits leave their bodies as they die. Told since she was young that she was imagining things and not to talk about it — while also being carted to a number of psychiatrists — Lizzie can’t avoid what she knows. It makes life difficult, especially since she works in a hospital.

Lizzie mostly sees her ability as a curse, bombarding her with visions that are sometimes beautiful yet often frightening. She never knows which way it will go since perceptions of good or badkind or cruel don’t seem to make any difference. Something else altogether determines the experience.

Then there’s her marriage, which is falling apart because her husband wants her to openly share her gift and help people. But she just can’t. Others in her life, including her younger brother and her friends, don’t know what she sees, and the revelation could alienate them all.

While seeking to make peace with herself and an ability she can’t escape, Lizzie must determine what she does or does not owe the world and the people she loves.


©2017 Mari Elise Rei. All rights reserved.

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