They Meet

Behind him was a man with dark-blond hair, combed back and covering most of his neck, yet with an escaped lock that fell appealingly across his forehead. Not quite as lanky and with broader shoulders than the first man, he too had an obvious, intense energy about him that felt magnetic though he carried it less visibly.

(some text deleted)

The group’s aura affected nearly everyone present, causing heads to turn as they passed. Dana couldn’t quite put her finger on what gave her the impression, but the men seemed different somehow from the women. There was something extra about them that the women, while beautiful, did not have. She dismissed it as a matter of her own general attraction.

Marta sat mesmerized by the man in the lead. He smiled as he neared their table, and Marta returned it shyly, looking down as if embarrassed by the attention. Dana didn’t think Marta had ever reacted that way to a man. She was usually rather forward and at the least flirtatious when someone interested her.

Dana’s attention returned to the group, and she found herself staring into the green eyes of the fair-haired man, who looked back at her as he passed. He must have slowed his pace, she realized, since he couldn’t actually be moving in slow motion, and he smiled in a way that didn’t quite register all the way on his face–more like a change in the expression in those eyes–before moving on with the rest of the group to a spot at the bar nearer the band.

Dana’s ears rang in the sudden quiet after a song. Her face flushed, and she found her own gaze lowered like her sister’s. “What just happened?” she asked, her voice strange inside her head.

©2017 Mari Elise Rei. All rights reserved.

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