An Assistant

“Really, though, think about that assis…” he didn’t finish the comment as a look stole over his face. Gregory could practically see a light bulb shining over Elliot’s head. “Haley. You could hire Haley.”

“What?” Gregory said, surprised once again.

“No, seriously. If she were your assistant, she wouldn’t have to get into dueling at all, right? She’s incredibly smart, and she knows computers. She even used to take care of the books for her parents’ business. She’d be great. Yeah, you ought to hire her, Gregory. Really.”

“And you believe our temperaments would match well, do you? One so young, bouncing around the place, chewing gum, playing loud music, and those horrid video games?”

Elliot stared at him blankly for a moment before bursting into laughter. “Chewing gum? Wow. You sound like some feeble old man. What’s wrong with you? She’s not twelve, you know. She’s a college graduate. She doesn’t bounce, and you could tell her to only play music and video games when you’re not here. You’re the boss, remember? Except I don’t think she even plays video games.”

Gregory remained defensive. “What did she study?”

“I don’t know. I just know that she graduated. Ask her in an interview or something.”

(some text deleted)

“I will think on it,” he said.

“We’ll get you into this century before it ends,” Elliot said, as though reading his mind. There was kindness in his voice, however, and Gregory took the comment good-naturedly.

“Whether I like it or not?”

“Exactly. You’ve got to keep up, Gregory. We need you too much.”


©2017 Mari Elise Rei. All rights reserved.


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